Celebrate the fall harvest together: September 13-22, 2024.

Taste of Abby is your opportunity to savour unique culinary experiences at the peak of the harvest season. Explore a selection of diverse events, tasting menus and limited-edition creations. Treat your palate to Abbotsford’s rich history, culture and cultivations at this celebration in the beautiful Fraser Valley.

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The Land Upon Which We Celebrate

Home to the Semá:th and Màthexwi First Nations, Abbotsford’s fertile land has sustained life for over 10,000 years. Sumas Lake, created when glaciers receded some 8000 years ago, helped provide the resources required for a vibrant community and culture to thrive.

The land beneath that lake, exposed by the draining of the lake in the 1920’s, now lies at the heart of Canada’s largest farming community. As people refocus on experiences that align with values such as honouring the environment, thinking sustainably, and supporting local businesses, we see a growing desire for personal growth through seeking a way of life that strikes a better balance with the land we live and play on.

Abbotsford’s identity will always be rooted in the land that has sustained the people of this place for thousands of years. The roots that are dug deep here go beyond the living things that grow from the soil to the values that sustain us. It is our connection to each other as family, friends and neighbours that unifies our diverse community.

Event Partners

These local businesses have come together to bring their unique flavours and creations for our enjoyment: