Taste of Abby – Abbotsford’s Fall Food Festival

Taste of Abby is your opportunity to savour unique culinary experiences at the peak of the harvest season. Explore a selection of diverse events, tasting menus and limited-edition creations. Treat your palate to Abbotsford’s rich history, culture and cultivations at this premiere celebration in the beautiful Fraser Valley.

A Focus on Food Sustainability & Security

Each year we witness environmental change and the impacts of growing demand on food systems. Given the expansive and productive farming happening here, Abbotsford should, and is, taking a leadership role in finding ways to improve food sustainability and security.

Celebrating food and community wouldn’t be complete without spending time discussing ways to maintain healthy food systems and ensuring they serve everyone in that community. As part of Taste of Abby, we are proud to present, in collaboration with the Food & Agricultural Institute at the University of the Fraser Valley, a video series focussing on challenges facing today’s food systems.

Topics covered include food systems vulnerabilities, vertical agricultural, food mapping, urban farms and local cellular dairy.

The Abbotsford Food Map

Archway Urban Farm

Food Systems Vulnerabilities in the Fraser Valley

Local Cellular Agriculture

Vertical Agriculture in Local and Regional Food Systems